Ears Pierced

So I complained and cried on Monday about not being able to get my ears pierced, but I wanted to get it over with. Quickly. Before I changed my mind. Before my family changed my mind or anyone else.

And I just don’t like waiting.

Yesterday I went and did it.


One hour before Wednesday night church service, I picked up Chris (he sort of wanted to come, sort of didn’t have a choice) and went straight to the mall, where we would’ve began arguing about the true location of Claire’s in regards to the closest ideal parking space on the outside. But I don’t go to the mall often, and definitely not for Claire’s, and Chris is a guy and probably didn’t know the store existed. So I parked somewhere near a middle entrance and started there.

Of course we went the wrong way on the first try, three-sixtied, and came back.

DIY Earring Display

I’m really into vintage fashion. I love the treasure hunt of thrifting, finding the one-of-a-kind gems in it that regular shopping doesn’t provide. And I love that I won’t catch anyone else wearing my outfit when I go out and about.

I’ve been really infatuated with the idea of an earring display, or just something to hang my earrings on. I was shopping around when I found a window screen wedged between the shelf and the wall. A tall employee helped me get it out, but I couldn’t shell $1.65 for an old window screen. I left it. But with the possibility in mind.

At another thrift store, the woman had used little picture frames and white bug mesh to hang her earrings, and boom. I was going to go home and do the same – with my own twist.

What you’ll need. . .

2014-05-26 18.48.23