The Great Gingerbread Decorating Competition Of 2018 | VLOGMAS WEEK 3

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Christmas Decorating! | Vlogmas Day #5

Vlogmas #5

Saturdays tend to be my at-home cleaning/catching up/hiding from the world days.

Yet, I still attended a Christmas Concert!

Are you curious?

Blogmas #8 — Blogger Stuff & Decorating Dogs

Give me a second as I remember what in the world I did today. .

How sad is this that I have to take a moment and think. Think, think, think.

Today is Monday, which gives me that heart sinking feeling, because even though I try to ignore the cliche that Monday’s are the worst. Mondays are the worst. And I can’t even tell you why.

I’m a blind follower of the trends. Ugh.

I started this morning well, with a bowl of cereal first thing. Then I spent some time on Twitter trying to figure out when blogger chats are. I recently read an article that said “you need to be in blogger chats to grow your audience!!” So I obeyed.