Baking My Christmas Mason Jar Cookies

Christmas Mason Jar Cookies

My oven has been greatly neglected these past couple months. I haven’t baked. I haven’t delighted in the smell of vanilla, sugar, and melted butter. I haven’t had sticky egg and flour and sugar granules stuck between my fingers.

So, on today, day three or four of our AC being broken—with a temperature of ninety degrees outside—I decided, what better day to bake than today!

The US Merchant Marine Academy — A Personal Tour

We finally got to see my brother today. It was about thirty-two degrees outside so I was more than happy we decided to drive, at the sake of losing our secured parking spot, to the academy.

I mean, it was just agony getting from the parking lot elevator to the car.

And it messed up my hair. We had all put on our “decent” clothes to go pick up my brother and meet his friends.