My Love For Mail

Let’s talk about something.


I love mail. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a fake adult and the only closest form of payment I have to make comes verbally from my mother in way of, “Rebekah, your car insurance is due.”

So I love mail. Nothing bad comes in the mail, only good. Only good.



A Store Called ThredUP

I was wandering Instagram one day, like a lost little puppy, when I stumbled across this woman talking about thredUP. ThredUP this, thredUP that.

She was getting a bunch of cute clothes and bags and shoes and would say how much she paid for them, which would come out to little or, more often than not, no cost to her.

Well, great. Good for her. I was jealous of her free stuff, but other than that, it all meant nothing to me.

Until I saw a link for a free ten dollar credit. I’m a thrift shopper. Ten dollars can go a long way. I was intrigued.