Filming My First Collab | Vlogmas 18

Vlogmas 18

It isn’t until you start making YouTube videos that you, 1) Find out how many of your friends binge watch YouTube on Friday nights, and 2) Which of your friends has dabbled, making videos of their own.

Meet Joey, a fellow YouTube dabbler.

First Collab Ever — With Liv In Progress


After my “I’m A Teen Blogger” post, I began searching out bloggers like me. So long have I been riding solo, but I didn’t want others to feel the same way. I had a new sense of purpose. I want to be a Young Adult writer, so why not start supporting young adults today?

I found Liv’s site, Liv In Progress, thought her layout and blog theme was cute, and followed her. Soon later, I got a Twitter DM back about doing a collaborative post. Well why not?

We came up with fifteen questions, most of them random, and answered them on each other’s blog. Twenty points to the commenter who can figure out which questions I came up with.

And now I introduce to you Liv, from Liv In Progress!