Men’s Watch Lookbook For The Military Ball

PicMonkey Collage numbered watchesPicMonkey Collage 2 numbered correctly

Last year, I went to a military ball the day after Christmas. Well I’m pleased to announce that I’m going again this year!

I have put together a little collage of what I strive for my outfit to be. This little lookbook can also apply for a nice Christmas party, especially with the red coat, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration.

LE TOTE Unboxing #3 and Special Black Friday Offer

Hello, hello, ladies.

I realize I never begin my posts as if I’m writing a letter. So today is a new day!

I thought today would be my last LE TOTE ever, until a special Black Friday Offer presented itself. But I’m going to be annoying and leave you hanging for a bit (or you could click on “Black Friday Offer”).

My Love For Mail

Let’s talk about something.


I love mail. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m a fake adult and the only closest form of payment I have to make comes verbally from my mother in way of, “Rebekah, your car insurance is due.”

So I love mail. Nothing bad comes in the mail, only good. Only good.



“Spring” Cleaning

I’ve been spring cleaning for… a while. I feel like saying “a month” is exaggerating, but at the same time, that horrifically sounds accurate.

I’ve been spring cleaning for a while.

Actually, I must have been cleaning for so long that spring totally passed me by. It’s true. When did spring end? I don’t know. All the sudden it’s summer. I feel cheated. But I love summer.

So I’ve been summer cleaning.

New York, New York

We hopped into our first New York taxi this morning. Ironically it was a black SUV with not a hint of yellow.


We went straight for the uber glamorous, uber classy, high end, Queen’s Center Mall.