Dad & I Sing “All Because Of Love”

Dad & I sing all because of love

Even though this tends to primarily be a humor blog, I am also a sentimental fool.


In honor of Father’s Day today, I would like to share a video of my dad and I singing. I feel that this is one of the first times we’ve sang a duet together, but there’s nothing as fun and special as singing with someone you know. And who, besides mom, do you know better than your dad?

Christmas Candlelight Service | Vlogmas 20

Vlogmas 20

I look forward to the Christmas candlelight service every year. It’s so special to look around at all the lights, while singing Christmas carols.

This year, Joey narrated the entire program and did phenomenally.

Christmas Caroling | Vlogmas 19

Vlogmas 19

I know you shouldn’t begin a post or a vlog with an apology.

I hardly ever do.

But, considering I’m uploading this video with the mindset, I need to post SOMETHING. . . No. I’m not willing to spend any more time re-editing that.

I’m sorry.

Cutest Christmas Play Ever | Vlogmas 13

The cutest christmas play ever vlogmas 13

I remember the good ol’ days when I was in Christmas plays (unintentional rhyming…).

At fourteen, I starred in my first Christmas play production. I played a boy.  I wiped my nose down my sleeve and everyone winced. I was fantastic.

It was all downhill from there.

Operation Christmas Child | Vlogmas 12

Operation Christmas child samaritan's purse

My Sunday school class had the opportunity of participating in the Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child this year.

It’s an amazing experience, hearing all the stories about the kids whose lives were touched through this ministry.

Families and churches from around the country fill individual shoeboxes with candy, soaps, toys, shirts, shoes. They do their best to specify each box toward a particular gender and age group.

My Week Of VBS (Life in the kindergarten class)

VBS 2015 Kindergarten Class

The following stories may or may not be gross, funny, true, exaggerated to increase entertainment, or a dramatic interpretation of what was in fact reality. I worked with five and six-year-olds for a week. Need I say more?

VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. Children come to church every day to play games, learn about Christ’s love, make crafts, sing songs, and have a great time.

VBS teachers and helpers are there to reign in the chaos and survive. VBS, to church volunteers, is survival of the fittest. It is eat or be eaten. Dog eat dog. Glitter in your hair or down your shirt. It is the Hunger Games of church activities.

You may have guessed already that I worked in the kindergarten class.

At Church With Only A Skirt On

Church skirt #OOTD

I basically showed up at church, wearing nothing but my grandma’s old skirt.

And I got nothing but compliments.

When I wear this outfit, ladies ask me questions. It begins with an over-all praise, then their expression focuses. They step back, stare at my knees, and say, “wait. Is it a skirt or a dress?”


Koontz Family Sings!

Koontz Family Sings!

You all caught a glimpse of our singing in my A Sunday In My Life post.

However, that is a mixed ensemble me and my parents are in. What you didn’t know was that there’s another member in our family–besides my older brother who is off to sea– who had yet to make his debut on the stage.

Before I get into that, a little history lesson.

A Sunday In My Life

A Sunday In my Life

I’m a church girl, as you guys know, but a lot of people don’t live the way I live or believe what I believe. So I thought I’d give you a peek into a Sunday of my life.

BLOGMAS Day #21 — The Candlelight Service


Today was the candlelight service at church.

It started as a good afternoon, hanging with Chris and getting Mexican food, and being – of course – obnoxious with my new camera.