Christmas Q&A | VLOGMAS #5


This is most accurately described as “the video in which I talk too much, because I fear having a vlog too short. But then all the talking meant more editing, and now it’s midnight and I hate myself for constantly making bad life decisions. YAYE CHRISTMAS!

But there are pretty bracelets involved! So you should definitely watch it.

And I finally do my Q&A!

The Christmas Tag

The christmas tag

Have you ever personally invited yourself to a gathering?

An acquaintance announces that after the church social, “a couple of us are going/doing…,” and it’s this dangling invitation, floating in the air, waiting for you to grab it.

The lovely Megan from Lazy Thoughts made such an invitation to do the Christmas Tag.

And this is me, grabbing it.

BLOGMAS Day #3 and The Christmas Tag

It’s a good thing blogmas corresponds with the date. I thought it was the eighth for some reason. .

Happy blogmas day #3, everyone!

Today was a guilt-filled lazy day. I wrote a post on How To Talk Yourself Out of Cutting Your Hair that, hopefully, was good, watched a whole movie which I haven’t done in forever, and tonight I taught at church, where one of my kindergartners brought a sheet of “special stickers” to share with everyone.

I got one too. I picked the tea cup, which warranted a funny look because I guess in her mind the tea cup was a crazy choice.