That Awkward Moment When. . .


I scootched my chair aside to make room for Beth at the table. She smiled and squeezed in, placing her plate beside mine, followed by her cup of coffee. Morning bible study went on. We ate sugary French Toast casserole and giggled over upcoming weddings, when Beth gulped a swig of coffee and quickly covered her mouth.

“Oh no! Did I just drink your coffee?”

A woman across the table nodded. “Yes.”

I realized then that this was directed toward me. Me. Slowly, I laid my fork to rest against the side of my plate.

Beth had drunk from my coffee.

What Easter Means To Me

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Easter is a fun, colorful holiday of easter egg hunts, and candy (which I love), and cute little girls tripping around in fluffy floral dresses and white shoes.

As if it couldn’t get better, Easter means even more to me.

It’s a sign of hope, and a reminder that what I believe transcends all other beliefs as true. You’ve read my God’s Not Dead post, you’ll know I don’t speak theological whatchamacallits. I’m a regular girl. This is my simple yet powerful belief, and it’s true.

Precious Moments Chapel and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

It’s strange being in the same state for two blog posts. But ’tis true. We are still in Missouri.

But we’re not in — misery.

*lame laugh* Ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha.

Yeah, I bet Missourians find that old by now.

In short, today we went sight seeing, starting with a whole lot of “aww.”