Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


2016 was hard. Things went bad, people turned mean, hardships popped out of the ground, extended their arms with jazz hands, and spat “hello!” into my face.

I took to calling my year of 21 my Year Of Humility. My coming of age story, a journey through life and a dive-bomb straight into adulthood.

I’ve grown a lot.

I Fight With My Camera A Lot | VLOGMAS #13


I may not act it in this video, but I just had that horrifying realization that as a 21-year-old human being, I am practically a grown adult. Practically. As in, a full grown woman.

Woah, man.

So I should probably stop getting into hissy fits and marriage disputes with inanimate objects. I think I just discovered my 2017 new year resolution.



Another Sunday, another long day. So much to vlog!! Watching this makes me smile. I love my friends.

They’re so patient with me when I continuously interrupt their adult conversations by  screaming, “JOGHURT!”