Don’t Let The Devil Steal Your Song

I’ve been working on staying more positive. Being a drama queen does help because I will think of the absolute worst thing that could happen, and then I’m relieved when it doesn’t go that way.

But I’m a professional worrier. I can be realistic and tell myself, “Rebekah there is no way an anvil is going to fall out of the sky and break your leg, and then you can’t go to work, and then your boss will get mad, and then you’ll be fired, and your leg will heal crooked and you’ll be a cripple and have to live on disability…”

No. I know that’s crazy. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it constantly and worrying that it MIGHT happen.

I’m an over-thinker. That’s what got me into writing. Put that creativity to use! Right?

So what’s the devil got to do with it?

Well we gotta cast the blame somewhere!

Just kidding.

Doing The Right Thing – Now

Sunday night, my friends and I had a huge deep discussion on life, loving ourselves, and God’s plan. It was around frozen yogurt and at a mini kid’s table where the chairs are six inches off the ground and our knees are up at our stomachs. Thinking back, I guess we looked ridiculous. But we had good talks.

One of the main ones was “I wish I knew what God’s plan was for me. It’d be so much easier.”

Sure, it could be easier to have our whole life mapped out for us on a calendar, but in my opinion, how fun would that be? I think the truth is that we want gold stars. We want God to send down little trinkets, signs, or presents to signify that we’re doing the right thing. That He’s pleased with us, etc.

And He does. If you don’t think so, you’re being lazy in looking for His blessings. That’s not my point for this post though.

We want to know what God’s plan is for us. We want to know what He’d have us do, here and now, so we don’t mess up, so He’s pleased with us, and so forth.

Here’s the trick to that.

CHEA Day #2 (2014)

CHEA is three days in case you were wondering, though people can come for only one day or two. . We don’t mess around. We do the full three days.

Today started with paper “breakfast bags” from the hotel. A brown bag with a napkin, apple, muffin, granola bar, and a mini bottle of water inside. I ate mine in bed while gathering the will to get up and take a shower.

The convention starts at 8:30 officially, but the classes and workshops we wanted to go to were at 10:30, which made it nice. I still got rushed to get ready because we were going to be late. We walked the twenty minutes there. I went into the Adventure Tower to the Safari room to find it closed with people sitting on the floor in the hallway. I was confused.

“Have they started already?” I asked them in a whisper.