CHEA Convention 2015 — Day #2 “I Get Lost”

CHEA day #2 I get lost Christian Home Educators Association

Today, I got lost. I was looking for a session called “Preschool Meets Real Life”. I teach kindergarten at church, and I’m always interested in the new tips and tricks and games moms have discovered. And I got lost.

I’m an intelligent human being with an excellent sense of direction. I have never ever been lost.

The map visual described my desired location as the building next door to the Pasadena Convention Center. I saw it through the glass windows. It was right there. Piece of cake.

I just needed to find a way in.

CHEA Convention 2015 — Day #1 “The Bloggers Meet Up”

CHEA 2015 Day #1 -- The Bloggers Night Out Meet Up

Over the past weekend, my mom, brother, and I went to CHEA Convention. CHEA stands for Christian Home Educators Association. I was homeschooled my whole life. Oooh ahh, weeird. However, I assure you that my socializing skills are top notch and I can hold a fork correctly.

Since the beginning, my parents have gone to CHEA together. They sit through sessions and shop the vendors for that perfect curriculum for their child. (Or in my case, they might’ve described me as “a child who HATES school. Does your curriculum work for a child who HATES school? … Yeah she won’t do it.”)

Oh yes. I was the prized student.

Note-Taking And Dementia

As I was in a seminar at CHEA, a post idea came to mind. It’s about note-taking. It’s a strange phenomenon, note-taking.

How do you do it?

Do you simply write one or two lines from a whole session that really stand out to you? Do you not take notes at all? Are you one of those people that sit there with a pad and paper, looking smart, but find themselves never using it? Or using it too much?

I tend to be on the latter side of that and use my notepad too much while taking notes.

I sit there and scribble and scribble. But it can’t look like scribbles. I have to have a title or main category, and then I draw a neat box around it. Main points get a dot beside them, sub-points are indented and get a hyphen. It has to look nice when I glance at it, or else I’ll sit there and fix that awkward line until it looks like a flower drawing that was meant to be there.