The Candy Cane Challenge! (With Joey)

The candy cane challenge

It may be January 9th, but the Christmas spirit lives on here on my blog!

Who remembers Vlogmas 18? Raise of hands?

In Vlogmas 18, I filmed my first collab with my friend, Joey. We went out shopping for candy canes. We set up. We hid behind the front door when a solicitor knocked. We got hyped up on candy. I was supposed to be on a diet. So, naturally, I ate most of it.

Filming My First Collab | Vlogmas 18

Vlogmas 18

It isn’t until you start making YouTube videos that you, 1) Find out how many of your friends binge watch YouTube on Friday nights, and 2) Which of your friends has dabbled, making videos of their own.

Meet Joey, a fellow YouTube dabbler.

Challenge: The Floppy Floral Pants

My friend, Jake, is really into fashion. Not so much thrift shopping like me, but fashion nevertheless. Sunday during choir practice, he leaned over and told me how he read my last post on the five dollar bag and was really curious how I would put together outfits, especially with the pants and the “hobo jacket”. He presented it as a dare, or a challenge.

At first I was like, “I’ll show him!” But a challenge it really was.