Graduation Time!

Outside the Del Taco we usually go to for Taco Tuesday night was a little white trailer set up. It was toward the back of the parking lot and nothing spectacular to look at, except for the long trail of people stretching out and curving to the side, lined up and waiting to get to it.

“Cap and gowns,” my mom said after studying it, “must be for one of those huge high school graduations.”

Cap and gowns. Of course. It’s graduation time.

I get excited for graduations, probably because the thrill of mine is still fresh in my mind. I feel like I view graduations as a married woman would view a wedding. They’re still so happy about their own celebration that to see someone else get as happy doubles their joy.

I don’t know if it shows or not, but I don’t like school. I was ready to graduate by kindergarten when I decided that the “treasure chest” didn’t have as many “treasures” anymore.

But, you may be recalling, you were homeschooled?