Phone Calling

Here’s a confession of mine: I am not a phone-caller.

My mind goes blank. I feel like my mouth is stuffed with marbles. I can’t create concrete sentences. I have no idea if I’m making my point – nor if I sound intelligent.

I just hate making phone calls.

Unless you’re a friend I’m really comfortable around, or needs me, or some other small variable, I just rather you text. Plain and simple. I’m a great e-mailer too.

Something funny, I can call in a business sense. I’ve done phone banking for campaigns and such. We have scripts and a never-ending list of numbers. I’m sure if I worked somewhere, I’d be fine. It’s all the same, helping a customer, over the phone or in person. But that’s different than me making the call. In that instance, it’s not me, it’s an employee. You understand the difference?