Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent by Veronica Roth book review Rebekah Koontz site

Divergent ruined my life.

Not ruined my life like my puppy died and I just dropped my pizza bagel on the ground, sauce-side down, but ruined my life as in any spectrum of reality I may have had a grasp on, completely vanished.

Suddenly, none of it mattered; I just had to finish this book.

The Perfect October Read


“Don’t pack away the book with the blood on it,” I said.

My mom scanned the stacks and stacks of books that lined the wall under my window. “Which book?”

“It has blood on it. No. It has blood on it.”

“Good Grief” by Lolly Winston — Book Review

Good Grief by Lolly Winston book review

“Good Grief” by Lotty Lolly Weston, Wilson Winston. Lolly Winston.

The name sounds so simple, and I have YET to say it correctly. It’s like when you forget how to pronounce “of”. Your heart says but it’s so easy and your brain says you’re just dumb.

Lolly Winston.

I was really excited to read this book because I’m a writer, and it’s intriguing to find a book written about grief to be, “Filled with laugh-out-loud humor, struggles, triumphs, and plenty of midnight trips to the fridge…

Mostly, I read this book just to see if Ms. Winston could pull it off.

How To: Read More

Book and Coffee
I’m a big bookworm. I have books stacked along my walls, yet I don’t put as much love into reading as I’d like.

It’s time to change that.

[PS. I also mention a blog Book Club. Read to the end to find out what book I’ve got my nose in and contact me if you’re interested in participating!]

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“Spring” Cleaning

I’ve been spring cleaning for… a while. I feel like saying “a month” is exaggerating, but at the same time, that horrifically sounds accurate.

I’ve been spring cleaning for a while.

Actually, I must have been cleaning for so long that spring totally passed me by. It’s true. When did spring end? I don’t know. All the sudden it’s summer. I feel cheated. But I love summer.

So I’ve been summer cleaning.

Just DO It!

Who said this? Nike?

It’s so true. When it comes to life, and you don’t know what to do, chances are, you know what you should do. So what do you do then?

I lost you, didn’t I.

Last Sunday, my pastor was talking about “how do you live a life for Christ?” And it’s this easy: if you know what you should do, do it.

Are You A Professional? Are You A Writer?

Your alarm goes off. Your entire body twitches, startled, then relaxes and you hit snooze. Soon you’re forcing yourself into a sitting up position and staring through the slits in your eyelids at the far wall. Eventually you get yourself into the bathroom and hopefully are more awake by the time you come back from whatever morning ritual and plant yourself  in front of a computer screen.

You don’t want to write/edit/blog/tweet/character sketch/outline etc. This, is how you know you’re: a professional.


Being a writer, I’m supposed to be good with this four letter thing called: words.

Haha, yes that was a math joke. Anyway.

Words are hard. I over think words. A lot. Too much actually. I put so much pressure on myself to come up with that perfect one, that my brain shuts down and I find myself going on Dictionary.com, trying to find the word that I’m thinking of, but not thinking of enough to remember.

You have to have it done to you before you understand.

The thing about words, though, is that there are practically millions of ways of saying just one thing. It’s when we over think and doubt and rewrite that we start losing what we were trying to say in the first place. Or, when you’re trying to find just one word, yet you can describe the same exact thing in a cooler way.

For example. The person (no offence to who said it, I apologize, I just can’t remember) who said “don’t tell me it’s night time. Show me the moon in broken glass.” Deep, right? Love that.

In my situation, I’d be so focused on a cool way of saying “night time” that it wouldn’t even occur to me that just by mention of the moon, I can convey the same meaning.

While editing my novel, I wanted to show one of the characters trudging toward two people, then stopping in her tracks, startled, when she sees their clothes. Of course, for whatever reason, I can’t just write it like that. (Ps, sometimes just explaining what you’re trying to explain on paper helps you get the words out.) I went over this paragraph a few hundred times. Then, God sent, I had the idea of describing her hair swinging to her face from her jolted stop. It was so beautiful that I had this epiphany and needed to share it with you.

Not only was I able to say what I wanted to say – basically that the chick stopped in her tracks – but I was also able to add the visual of her hair. Then I changed the word “hair” to “curls”. *angelic chorus singing*

If you find yourself staring at sentences like this, or trying to find other ways to say “night” without actually saying “night”, try to describe it instead. Describe how you see this coming about in your mind; colors, reactions, etc. Readers, and yourself, will be saved from dying of boredom and you’ll feel good about yourself when you go back on your third reading and can “see the moon in broken glass”.