We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Here!

The title for this post is inspired by the Doctor Seuss story about the elephant holding a clover that he is SURE has a civilization living on it, but he’s the only one who hears them, until the entire town begins shouting in one voice, “we are here, we are here, we are here!”

I have deigned to writing this post on my cell phone. A phone, mind you, that doesn’t have any data left in it’s data plan, so I have to be connected to wifi in order to use the internet. Not exactly type on the go.

My computer is on strike. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but it refuses. And if it does work, it suddenly forgets that it has wifi capabilities and keeps telling me to connect a broadband device.

Remember the post when I told you I’m not techy? I barely know what a broadband device is, besides it being the physical thing that gives out the Wi-Fi signal that we all connect to and steal internet from.

*sigh* I feel like I am shouting from a clover.. I am here. Anyone out there?

Here I Be

So I’ve fallen off the face of the world in my blog universe (I’m not sure that metaphor truly makes sense, but we’ll move on).

And boy. Do I have some really good excuses for you. But we’ll skip that.

Taking that week off was full of torture and guilt and felt like an eternity of not blogging. However, during my time of solitary and laptop fasting (which is a great way to get closer to the Lord, I might add), I had the opportunity to meditate on things.

I’m sure you don’t care to read for hours on my thoughts about my poor eating schedule that relies solely on goldfish crackers and applesauce, my nonexistent workout routine, or the fact that it’s finally dawned on me that I can’t possibly do ALL my favorite hobbies in the same day, so I’ll skip ahead to the thoughts on this blog.

Our Journey Begins

I am unofficially unemployed, but I tried not to think of that last night, as I packed as much of my entire bedroom’s contents that would fit into a teal duffel bag and tweed suitcase.

I tried to sneak another bag, but it was instantly vetoed by my mother.

Considering it’s me – and if you follow From My Second Hand Closet, you know how much I like clothes – one teal duffel for just my clothes, for a whole month, is very impressive.

The suitcase has shoes, hair curlers, chargers, and any other random things that I thought I might need. Might need. . . I hate packing. You never know what you might need.

But just as planned and required, I was totally packed by last night (toothbrushes and such being the only exception), so all I had to do was roll out of bed, change, and haul everything to the van.