When She Goes From ‘Just Friend’ to ‘Best Friend For Life, And Like, Forever’

After so much time spent with one human—exclusively—a line is crossed.

___________________ ←←← Here is a depiction of the line you cross. Visuals are helpful.

This line determines best-friendship. The type of friendship that has no boundaries, no secrets. The type of friendship that is poop comfortably at their house friendship. The type of friendship that means the family dog doesn’t even bark when you enter the backdoor (or from a window).

Do you think you and your best friend are… there? Let’s see.


Chris Is Home! | Vlogmas 21

Vlogmas 21

Almost exactly a year ago, Chris asked my dad’s permission to date me. Chris goes to college six hours away from home, so we hardly see each other.

I couldn’t wait to pick him up from the airport, Monday morning.

Chris is my boyfriend. But he’s also my best friend.

My Surprise

My surprise, long distance relationship, romance, love

My mom came in my room at 9:35am. “I thought you’d be awake,” she said. She told me that since my boyfriend’s mom was having a surprise birthday party the next day, she wanted to go to the mall and buy a gift.

She knew the word “mall” was enough to get me up, dressed, and out of the door.

I was up and dressed, but my mom started to have “laptop troubles”. She had been having laptop troubles a lot lately. I was obviously too deep into my morning stupor to stop and think, why is she on her laptop if we’re going out?