Military Ball 2014 Part #2

fix 2

I left off Part #1 on Monday with Chris and I leaving the hotel room to pick up my brother’s girlfriend. (A lot of you have pestered me about not writing my part #2 sooner, which is really flattering. Blogmas has spoiled us all, but I’m back to my Mon-Wed-Fri schedule, with special posts in between.)

Now, why were we picking her up, and not him? See we ran into a small wardrobe malfunction on our way to the hotel.

Visiting Old Friends

Today was a fun day. Because I got to see my old friend Chris!!


Traveling And Bad Hotels

Big travel day today.

From Georgia to Alabama.


Green And Sunshine In Tennesse

After hauling our bags back down the stairs this morning, we hit the road. We had slept in, so we missed hotel breakfast but had granola bars and fruit punch on the go.

Then it was just go, go, go.

And go.

Pretty scenery in though.