That Awkward Moment When. . .


I scootched my chair aside to make room for Beth at the table. She smiled and squeezed in, placing her plate beside mine, followed by her cup of coffee. Morning bible study went on. We ate sugary French Toast casserole and giggled over upcoming weddings, when Beth gulped a swig of coffee and quickly covered her mouth.

“Oh no! Did I just drink your coffee?”

A woman across the table nodded. “Yes.”

I realized then that this was directed toward me. Me. Slowly, I laid my fork to rest against the side of my plate.

Beth had drunk from my coffee.

How Not To Be Awkward


This topic was requested from an Omghow girl, and I absolutely love it. If any string of words can make me smile, I’m on board.

How not to be awkward. Oh my dear, dear friend. You are close to my heart.

I will share my wisdom.

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Medical Transcription-ing

You guys know how I blew about half of my life savings (or, one-year savings, since I’ve only been working that long) to pay for my medical transcription at-home schooling.

Well, here’s an update on that.

I thought I was gonna hate it. I thought it would be painful, bring me horrible post-traumatic stress of highschool. I thought I would regret and miss that money I could’ve spent on less-important, non-career-enhancing hobbies or activities or. . shoes.

But I’m pleased to announce so far so good!

2014-08-15 09.57.56

I My First Fashion Video!

I was sitting around one day, trying to think of a clever idea for Friday’s post, when it hit me. I had mentioned in my 100 Followers post that I wanted to do something different. I vaguely brushed over the video idea.

Well, I thought, why not!

Screenshot 2014-08-09 22.41.00