#GetToKnowMe Friday: I Love Anime Movies

I Love Anime Movies

I am dubbing today #GetToKnowMe Friday.

Because it’s Friday. . .

And you’re getting to know me. Tada!

I mentioned it briefly in my The Different Faces Of Makeup post that I’m an anime fan. You could say a ‘closet’ anime fan until this point, but I’m coming out of the closet!

I made it weird. . . Sorry.

Bad joke, Rebekah. Bad joke.

BLOGMAS Day #12 — A Huge Reveal About My TV Life

Hello, Friends!

So today was a day off from work day, which is always pleasant as days off go. I hadn’t planned on doing much of anything except blog and internet work. (I have such the pressing social life.)

However, yesterday I got my paycheck. So this morning I was practically forced into actual clothes by my mother in order that I’d go out to the bank and deposit it.

Since I got somewhat dressed anyways, I decided to give you an OOTD (outfit of the day).


I never said I got out of bed to take the picture. .