Resume Dropping. . . Bomb Shelters and Alien Habitats

A few days ago, I went resume dropping. Oh the wonders of looking for a job. .

I’m already sick of job hunting. Sick of looking, re-editing my resume, writing new cover letters, having to put in this great effort without ever knowing if it’ll go anywhere. I’m sick of just thinking about it — which is probably why I didn’t want to even write this post.

I feel like I’m getting to the point that, out of desperation, just because I want to stop stressing about this, I’ll accept any job I can.

And it’s so sad. I just started.

Anyway, so on Tuesday, I got up, did my makeup, ate breakfast (I probably should’ve done this before the makeup..), got my¬† resumes and cover letters printed, stapled, and signed, and dressed in my pencil skirt and heels. I even borrowed a professional black folder and my mom’s classy little purse.