Why "The Mysterious Rose"?

       Now, a person would think that just by reading my title you can know all there is to know about me (or the blog), right? *shakes head* Sorry to disapoint but my title says absalutely “natha” about who I am or what my blog’s about. (Actually, the only reason I picked it was because I have a small golden vase to the left of my laptop and in it are a metal and wooden flower.) And no, it’s not because I’m that girly…actually, now-a-days friends are still shocked when they see me wear pink.
      Yep, it may always be a mystery…maybe that’s why they call me “The Mysterious Rose” *dramatic music plays*

Welcome [insert your name here] to blogging!

I welcome you (and myself) to the world of blogging! (Now, I’ve never done this before so bare with me…)

Isn’t it amazing how having a blog relates to owning your own little slice of the world?? A section to call your own. Ever thought of that??

A crazy place of reading over people’s shoulder to see what’s happening in their life and what they are up to without having to ask one question. Creepy, right?? What in the world would convince someone to do such a thing??! Well, I can think up a million reasons: peer pressure, wanting to connect with friends, curiosity…but none of these refer to me. No sirree.

Okay, I might admit to curiosity. I would sneak up a creepy staircase just so I can know what’s on the other side *gives one of her friends a look*. And maybe I had a crazy idea that someone will read this and say, “this gal looks like she can go places”. Not for movies, (I mean, don’t get me wrong I love theater, singing, dancing etc.) but for my writing. “A writer needs to go places. Study and meet new people” -Jo March, Little Women [May not be exactly what she says, but close]