Everyone knows that if you go to a baby shower and see blue that’s a national color for “boy” and pink means “girl”, right? In other words, we’re forcing the poor kid into a color before it has even arrived! (How mean!) Because of this view on color, you hardly ever see a little girl with blue bootees or a boy with pink. But is a girl wearing blue socks wrong?? Or boys wearing pink a crime?? Will the “SCAT team” (Special Colors And Tactics) suddenly bust through the window on ropes and point a gun at you?? No. Then why don’t we do it?? The only reason I could come up with is that not all bald babies are boys and the ones with hair girls. (Wearing the color is a help for others. Like a label announcing to the world “My baby is a GIRL!”)

    Before I stray away from my point, I just want to clear up that no, this article/post isn’t about putting blue socks on baby girls. It’s about the debated topic of pink for guys. (Before you people go into “defense” mode read the rest) Now, there are certain exaggerations…yes, wearing super tight (there is such thing as SUPER tight) bright pink jeans with a matching t-shirt is what I would call an exaggeration. (Unless your dream is to be a pink traffic cone) Also, if you have long-ish hair wear pink with caution* (and even though it might be a temptation don’t do pink v-necks!!)

Summarizing the “unacceptable”s and “acceptable”s for the confused:


-Super tight pink pants

-Super tight pink pants WITH a pink shirt

-Pink v-necks. (“Why??” you might ask, just don’t)


-Pink ties

-Shirts with pink stripes (if the shirt makes you dizzy, though, stay away)

-Solid pink polos (as long as it’s not BANG! pink)

There! You have just witnessed a generations long problem solved! (Do you feel lighter??)

* Once at youth group, we were looking for a place to sit. After scanning the crowd, I pointed to some chairs “over there behind those girls”. We plopped down behind them. Just about in the middle of our lesson, I realized that the tallest girl with perfectly flipped thick blonde hair and tight pink shirt was a guy!! (This is when I discovered the confusion so I’m writing this article to clear things up..)


     I love to write. I’m not sure if it’s because of my Dad’s encouragement of telling me how good of a writer I supposedly am or because I’ve kept a journal for the longest time…I just know that I love hearing the tapping sound of my fingers pressing keys on the keyboard, seeing the letters magically (well magically to me since my mechanic skills are zip) appear on screen, and knowing that what I write can never be forgotten since it is being documented at the same time it takes for me to think it up, quite a time saver actually.

     Writing is a lot like a wish or a dream. Whatever you dream could happen CAN in the pages of a book or the scrolling down of a computer mouse. And this dream can never be thrown away or forgotten. It will stay with you forever and always.

     I, like hundreds of others I’m sure, want to be a famous writer. I want what I write to touch the hearts of thousands, millions, all around the world. Hearts of people I don’t even know…people I’ve never even met or seen. I want to write books that bring these men and women, teens and tweens, closer to God. Books that make my readers cry, laugh, and inspire them to go the distance. My only question at this time of my life is how?? How can I set other hearts on fire when my own is blank! Yes, I know what I would love to happen, oh, what great things I could imagine… Autographing my novels in a Barnes-n-noble with thousands of people who know the book backwards and forwards and can quote my work better than I… But if it’s just a cute and popular story; does that really count?? Have I achieved my goal?? I would say I could settle…but I doubt I’d be contently happy. Because there would still be this part of me knowing that I had dreamt of something more.


     I want to thank all you who have taken the time to read what I have written so far in my blog. I don’t know if it’s any good, or worth reading for that matter, but I want to thank you anyway. You are a great encouragement!

The Scary Truth

    It’s about that time of year when the stores are filled with skeletons, goblins, and witches. You know the time has come when you suddenly slam into a dead thing at Walmart. Yes, it’s almost time for *spooky organ music plays* Halloween.

   For most people, it’s evident that saying “Halloween” isn’t Christian because Halloween is the holiday for the dead. Instead, we find that saying “Harvest Festival” separates us from the creepy, devil worshiping acts of other people. But did you know that “Halloween” first meant “Saint’s Day”?? A complete inverse of what most people think today.

   All in all, Halloween is a very touchy subject to speak of. But I am not talking about the pagan holiday. I’m talking about the evening when kids set out with empty 99 cent store bags with a mission to conquer the world and come back with a thousand pieces of candy. The night that has the disgustingly sweet smell of sweets in the air, chatter from hyper children, and the enchanting orange glow of Jack-O-Lanterns.

   But something has come to my attention that I must speak of. People have forgotten the joyous tradition of dressing up! Slowly, every year costumes are dissolving away leaving kids with a handful of candy and a pair of old and smelly blue jeans. They have lost the excitement of being someone that they could only dream of being; they have lost sight that for only one evening of the year they CAN be superman, a fairy, or a knight. Some people throw that great privilege away. Don’t let it be you. I’m Mysterious Rose, and that’s The Scary Truth.