Vlogmas 2018 Announcement

Hello internet family!

Quick post for you guys. Actually, I’m writing this on my phone (it’s kinda fun, like texting a friend).

This isn’t how I would want to do Vlogmas (the daily sharing and conversation with my readers is so much fun). However, realistically, I don’t have time to edit and upload videos every single day.

That being said, I am still daily VLOGGING! It is just the upload that will have to happen on the weekends.

Bare with me.

Please don’t light the torches.

I love Vlogmas and the internet family that comes together to watch year-after-year. *pupils dilate cutely as she fills with warm fuzzies*

Please subscribe for notifications (both here and on Youtube) so you don’t miss out, and always comment! (Because I miss everyone.)

Thanks ever so much!!

Happy Vlogmas #4!


[The one where…] My Mom Drops The Tree –Vlogmas 12.1.18

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Am I Turning Into A Neat Freak? 😱

Am I Turning Into A Neat Freak humor messy slob Rebekah Koontz funny born this wayAll my life, I have been a hot slob. It’s who I am. It’s the way I’m comfortable. I tried to hide it but what was the use?

I was born this way. 

My coming out was hardest on my mother, poor thing. She made comments like, you’ll grow out of it. I’m not too worried. Just wait until you have a place of your own. 

While under my parents’ roof, I abode by their rules. I lived as closely to my natural lifestyle as possible without encroaching on their especially high standards of living. I didn’t want to embarrass them. I just wanted to be me.