Cutest Christmas Play Ever | Vlogmas 13

The cutest christmas play ever vlogmas 13

I remember the good ol’ days when I was in Christmas plays (unintentional rhyming…).

At fourteen, I starred in my first Christmas play production. I played a boy.  I wiped my nose down my sleeve and everyone winced. I was fantastic.

It was all downhill from there.

Operation Christmas Child | Vlogmas 12

Operation Christmas child samaritan's purse

My Sunday school class had the opportunity of participating in the Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child this year.

It’s an amazing experience, hearing all the stories about the kids whose lives were touched through this ministry.

Families and churches from around the country fill individual shoeboxes with candy, soaps, toys, shirts, shoes. They do their best to specify each box toward a particular gender and age group.

Ezekiel’s Christmas Concert | Vlogmas 11

Christmas concert vlogmas 11

I hope you are feeling musical this evening!

My little brother was in the college band so we enjoyed a night out, full of music and singing.

This video gets me in the Christmas spirits.

Bowling With Friends! | Vlogmas #9

Bowling with friends vlogmas 9

Happy Vlogmas #9, friends/family/random strangers on the internet!

I shan’t bore you with tales of computer struggles, storage capacities, and tantrums at 1 o’clock in the morning.

In today’s vlog, I monologue, find my keys, make a few blogger shoutouts, and show off my overarching bowling skills.

Of Pizza & Foundation | Vlogmas #8

I finally get pizza first impression of maybelline dream wonder foundation

It has just occurred to me how close we are to Christmas.

It has just occurred to me that it’s Vlogmas #8!

Vlogmas 8? I’ve been Vlogging for more than a week! Eight days! Two more, and I’ll be up to 10 days.


I Mostly Just Want Pizza | Vlogmas #6/7

I mostly want pizza vlogmas 6 7

Happy Vlogmas, Internet Family!

Alas, there were some tragedies between Saturday and today. . .

*removes hat and places it over her heart* May we have a moment of silence for the lost footage.


Christmas Decorating! | Vlogmas Day #5

Vlogmas #5

Saturdays tend to be my at-home cleaning/catching up/hiding from the world days.

Yet, I still attended a Christmas Concert!

Are you curious?

All About The Dentist | Vlogmas #4

Vlogmas #4 is here… along with any questions you may have had about the dentist. (And a mini Ulta haul!)


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I Drop The Ball | Vlogmas #3

I drop the ball vlogmas

Happy Vlogmas #3, dear friends!

It has become clear that Vlogmas, along with a substantial blog post for Blogmas, has become too great of an endeavor.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and I will not admit how long it takes me to edit these videos.

You can’t make me talk.