Tip: Tape Manicure

Check out this video from L’Oreal. A global nail expert’s secret behind a perfect pink tip manicure. I always wondered how they did it.



How you’re SUPPOSED to do nails, supposedly. .

I just realized my instant upload hasn’t been on all this time and has about two months of pictures to upload. But hopefully they’ll be done by the time I finish with this post. Moving on.

As I have said in my last post: I can’t do nails. It’s pathetic. It’s clumpy. It’s true.

So I’ve watched nail art after nail art video on Youtube. Just for you. JUST for you, my dedicated, devoted reader. *sniff* Now let’s not get too emotional.

So here’s a post on how you’re supposed to do nails. And if it all works out, they’re supposed to be salon-looking, red carpet ready, and not chip off after three days. So let’s get to it!