The Candy Cane Challenge! (With Joey)

The candy cane challenge

It may be January 9th, but the Christmas spirit lives on here on my blog!

Who remembers Vlogmas 18? Raise of hands?

In Vlogmas 18, I filmed my first collab with my friend, Joey. We went out shopping for candy canes. We set up. We hid behind the front door when a solicitor knocked. We got hyped up on candy. I was supposed to be on a diet. So, naturally, I ate most of it.

Captain America Shirts

For Christmas, my friend Chris got me a Captain America tank top. Our friendship kind of started with our Captain America fan-ing.I like him [Captain A] because he’s old fashioned (and blond). And Chris likes him because Chris has a gentleman complex and wants to be like him. (I might get pinched for saying that, later. But, Chris, what would Captain America do? X-P)

Anyway, we finally picked a day to hang out and decided we should wear our Captain America swag. (In case you don’t remember from Halloween, Chris also has a Captain America jacket.) I picked an outdoor shopping center, and after chatting it up at Starbucks – and popping into a random Korean Cuisine place because I needed to use the bathroom – we walked to Target first.

My beloved leather jacket is finally falling apart. All my TLC and clear nail polish hasn’t been able to keep the cracks and peelings from happening. So I was distracted and drug Chris into the women’s section to try on a leather jacket that was the same color as mine. I was looking at us in the mirror when I realized we hadn’t taken a picture together. And that’s where it all started.

How To Make Nail Art Tools At Home Video

Hey all! Sorry I’m up on this nail art fad. Hopefully I’m not annoying anyone from it. But I just watched this video on how to use regular objects at home as nail art tools. (Or you can go to the thrift store – keeping with our theme – if you don’t happen to have. . . a sewing pin?) Anyway I think it’s genius, so I have to share.

Hope you like it too!