Vlogmas 2018 Announcement

Hello internet family!

Quick post for you guys. Actually, I’m writing this on my phone (it’s kinda fun, like texting a friend).

This isn’t how I would want to do Vlogmas (the daily sharing and conversation with my readers is so much fun). However, realistically, I don’t have time to edit and upload videos every single day.

That being said, I am still daily VLOGGING! It is just the upload that will have to happen on the weekends.

Bare with me.

Please don’t light the torches.

I love Vlogmas and the internet family that comes together to watch year-after-year. *pupils dilate cutely as she fills with warm fuzzies*

Please subscribe for notifications (both here and on Youtube) so you don’t miss out, and always comment! (Because I miss everyone.)

Thanks ever so much!!

Happy Vlogmas #4!

The Art Of Empty Thinking

The art of empty thinking men vs women funny humor laugh blog lifestyle rebekah rebecca counts koontz

My mind is a constant whir of thoughts, daydreams, to-do lists, reminders, flash-backs, and songs that have stuck. It is never silent. My mind wakes me in the middle of the night with its clicking and buzzing.

I think of things I don’t want to think about. I dwell on memories I’d like to forget. I solve problems that aren’t even mine.

I envy men.

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5 Things People Lose Their Mother-Loving Minds Over

Things that make people lose their mind humor funny life

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that people need to


For the love of chocolate chip pancakes, take a breath people! It is not the end of human existence as we know it! We will somehow survive this. The sun will continue to shine. God is still in control.

Can we all just GET. A. GRIP. before losing our minds over these tiny, insignificant little details.

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What Girls Do Upon Finding A Spider

What girls do upon finding a spider humor

Girls are mysterious, beautiful creatures. However, some things we haven’t kept much of a secret.

Our eternal hatred of creepy crawly things, for example.

Upon finding a spider, there are about twelve basic steps every girl goes through.

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Love, An Uncontrollable Bodily Function


My home church has decided to embrace February with X’s and O’s. They have, cringingly, declared it Love Month, a phrase they proclaim with sentiment in their hearts and a sigh in their voice.

When I first heard the term Love Month, my stomach lurched for a bucket, a feeling—I realized—quite similar to love: an uncontrollable bodily function, repulsive to the people around me. Sounds about right.

I hope you’re not eating as you read this, because we’re going to talk about love. Got your bucket handy?

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10 Stages Of Writing A Book

10 stages to writing a book

I haven’t made a specific announcement that I’ve been writing a book. I know my tagline is Something to read as I work on my next novel. It alludes to the fact that I’m writing a book.

Anyhow. I, Rebekah Koontz, have written a book.

*shrieks and squeals, and is an all-round thirteen-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert*

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Unblocking The Block

unblocking the block writers block rebekah koontz site

Here’s the truth, people of the world. Young and old. Old and new. Those boring and those who smell good. Dog lovers and murderers of fake plants… I have ideas. I have time.

I have writers block.

It’s a block. Seriously. A BLOCK. It’s a block like my lack of spending money during a clearance sale. It’s a block like an empty box of Oreos. It’s a block like the amount of rings I can wear on one hand, while rifling through my purse for that long lost mint.

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Saying Goodbye To My Samsung Galaxy S4

saying goodbye to samsung galaxy s4

My dress is black, so are my shoes. I crumple the tissue in my lap. So far, I haven’t needed it. So far, I’m keeping together.

I stare at the pew in front of me. I burn letters into it with my eyes. What would I spell?

It would start with an S——No. I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional. I need to stay strong.

“And now,” the reverend says. He collects his notes in one swift, habitual, gather-and-tap motion. He barely makes a sound. “We will hear from the deceased’s close friends and family.” His eyes fall on mine. He nods, my cue to stand.

I do. The empty clop of my heels against wood floor echoes through the church. Behind the podium, I clear my throat. My notes tremble in my hands. “My Samsung Galaxy S4 was a good phone,” I begin.

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My Dad, In Photographs

Dear Papi,
Your birthday has come again. As I reread this post, I realized everything I said is as true as the day I wrote it.

Yes, that is a lazy way of regifting the same blog post to you.

But no, really. The only difference is that we’ve both grown. We’ve grown from father and daughter, which we will always be, and into friends. Thank you for always caring about my opinion and making me feel like my insight is valuable. That means so much.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday today, and I hope you enjoy the oatmeal cookies, the caramel walnut fudge brownies, and your chocolate cake (all baked fresh today! *wink*).

Happy birthday.

The Rebekah Koontz Site

My dad in photographs

Today is my dad’s birthday. You all know my dad. You’ve seen him around.

And tell me you didn’t miss this rock star picture of him during Blogmas.


Oh yeah.

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