Am I A Piglet?

Am I a piglet hungry humor blog life lifestyle

I’ve been naughty. Quite naughty. Cheeky even.

I’ve been bad.

*insert a visual of Rebekah drawing her pinky up to the corner of her mouth. Mischievous grin*

Lately, I’ve eaten—quite frankly—everything. I’ve eaten everything. Sofa cushions. Golf balls. Hand soap… Let’s just say, don’t look for Fluffy, because Fluffy ain’t there. Fluffy went for The Long Walk.

*spits out a mouthful of fur and dabs her lip with an elegant silk napkin*

I’m surprised the house is still standing, to be honest. Those supporting beams have been looking mighty tasty.

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How To Be Mature

How to be mature

I’m afraid I have reached the point in my life where writing a post on how to be mature is necessary.

I’ve seen the signs. The creative muses have cried out to me.

No, they’ve said, don’t write one more joke until you’ve spread this message of maturity. The world needs your help, Rebekah.

So here I am.

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My Levels Of Insanity Based On The Time Of The Day

My levels of insanity based on the time of the day humor funny lifestyle blogger post

There’s something I love about the word insanity.

Insanity. Psychotic. Crazed.

Losing their minds.

I will use these phrases in humor, story telling, general description of human beings. . . I’m obsessed with the over-all declination of the human psyche. It’s fascinating.

So anyways. When my friend, Amy, turned to me and said she needed to create a line-graph based on her personal, every-day life, I smiled and said, “do one called My Levels Of Insanity Based On The Time Of Day.

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Right and Wrong?

Right and wrong? Is there a difference? Rebekah Koontz site

Recently, gay marriage was legalized in the United States. This is not a post on whether I am for or against homosexuality. This isn’t a post on my opinion at all.

This post—really—is just a question, a concern even, and I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

Not too many years ago, homosexuality was considered wrong, morally and biologically. It was an unfortunate condition some suffered with. Now, it is considered normal, natural, and right.

My concern is: How many other things that are “wrong” today will be considered “right” a few years from now?

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What I Imagine The Blogging World To be

What I Imagine The Blogging World To Be Rebekah Koontz Site

The Blogosphere is a beautiful place. Neighbors are friendly and encouraging (as long as you keep to appropriate hashtags). Backgrounds are white. And there are always fresh flowers. Everywhere. Long stemmed and vibrant in porcelain vases on the breakfast nook.

The Blogosphere smells good, like Bath and Body Works mixed with the smells of home. In the Summer, it smells of watermelon lemonade. In the Fall, it smells of pumpkin spice and leaves. But nothing beats the smell of the Blogosphere in Christmas time. Mmm…

This place is a community. We each pull our weight, and we pull together. We sit in a circle on folding chairs and pass The Talking Stick around. We listen and respond and are never harsh.

We’re all in this together.

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Contrary to popular belief, English is my first language. My accent throws off a lot of people.

That was a joke.

But no matter that I’ve had twenty years of experience with the English language, there still come phrases that force me to pause from my fake-laughing and say, “…what?”

There’s a phrase I’ve grown up hearing. My old foe. It’s the phrase: “You’re something else.

I don't know what that means shaking head

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My Special Skills

My Special Skills Rebekah Koontz

In life, it’s easy to think, “I’m not good at anything.

This may very well be true. Who am I to question you?

You are, however, unique in the things you do, and you do things in a special kind of way that makes you superior to others.

I’m talking about those useless skills you developed and proudly presented to your fourth grade friends. But you know what? They’re still cool, and it’s time we toot our own horn and stop being so hard on ourselves.

These are my special skills. Some I’m in the process of developing to this day. I’m so proud.

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Calling Him Caitlyn


I’m about to become very unpopular.

I’ve thought about writing this post but attempted to brush away the idea. I couldn’t.

I have something that needs to be said. I’m just struggling to find the words and the right tone.

Here goes.

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A Serious Color Issue

A Serious Color Issue by Rebekah Koontz

I may have been lying to myself all these years. This is a serious issue.

I write a lot of posts from a humorous angle, but don’t laugh. I’m not joking around. The realization of this issue has made me doubt all the things I believed to be true.

I mean, if I’ve lied to myself, who can I trust? This one lie has made me think back on other lies. I don’t know what ideas were mine, or what ideas were put into my head.

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