"The Giver" – By Lois Lowrly

My thoughts:

       Compelling book. At first, I was very confused! Now, I’ll admit, I could just be slow, but sheesh! I think the 5th chapter is when I finally caught the drift. But because of my curiousity towards where Lois Lowrly was going with her story, I was intrigued.
       The book is about a boy, Jonas, who is chosen to be the Reciever of Memory in The Community, though he, like us readers, has no idea what that means. All Jonas knows is that it will be a “painful and great honor”, he is given knew instructions beyond his comprehension, sent to The Giver, and begins his training. During his training, Jonas discovers new things and feelings, but at the same time, learns of pain and grief. While reading the story, a reader has several questions buzzing in their head: can Jonas endure his intensive training? Is he going to quit and ask for a Release? What is he going to do about the way The Community works?
       The ending was a little . . . how can I describe it? Random? Yes, random, I suppose. But I have to admit, I can’t even think of a way to end it. The way Lois, the author, did, was rather creative.

"Little Women" – By Louisa May Alcott

My thoughts:

       If you’ve seen the movie, it’s a super slow book. I’m talking: “slow as molasses” slow. But it does tell you what happens “between the scenes”, thus, helping the movie make a little more sense.
       The story is a great example of how a family sticks together all the way to the end, regardless of their ups and downs. Louisa May Alcott did an amazing job of telling us the life stories of Meg, Jo, Beth, AND Amy all in just one novel. Surprisingly, I have nothing more to say. . . I love the story! But I probably won’t read the book again unless boredom takes over or I forget why something happened in the movie and have to reread the book to find out.

The First Post EVER on "If anyone cares . . ."

     So, I have a strong doubt this blog will be read by anyone who isn’t me. (Yes, I know, I’m very optimistic) But, as I like to say in some accent I can’t define, “iz all gude!” This blog is a place for me to record the books I’ve read and (who knows?) maybe even provide some form of entertainment for those who happen to lose their way on a journey to their sister’s, “It’s a baby boy!” blog as they take a rest stop here.


    It has just occured to me that upon first reading the name of this blog, you might think that the writer is some depressed kid who has found sanctuary in sending their thoughts into the massive void of Internet. I am no such kid. I simply used the name with honesty. Because, honestly, who’s going to waste precious time reading this?