Home Sweet Home and Surprising Friends

We awoke to Arizona slush yesterday morning, defined on my phone as “light snow.” And scurried around the building, hugging our arms as we followed the outdoor signs marked with arrows for “Breakfast.”

Maybe we’ve seen so much worse, but this breakfast was looking to be one of the best. Mostly cause it was stocked , and had two waffle makers. My mom said that the room was so crummy she didn’t want to stay another night, but after seeing breakfast, staying would be at least bearable.

Either way, we didn’t stay. I think we were ready to go home.

We scraped the ice off our windshield, packed the van, and I checked the hotel room for stray possessions one last time.


Our hotel burned last night. . We were awakened by smoke and alarms. And quickly evacuated. I barely had time to grab my laptop and cell phone before fireman were yelling and banging down doors for us to get out.

We assembled outside along with other PJ-clad residents, and watched, without words, as our hotel began to flame forty feet away. .


Moriarty… Stay The Night

We went down to hotel breakfast this morning, and I noticed something I had somehow missed last time we stayed at the Quality Inn And Suites in Amarillo.

The waffle maker!


They’re TEXAS waffles. Get it? Texas. Waffles.

From Texas.