Home Sweet Home and Surprising Friends

We awoke to Arizona slush yesterday morning, defined on my phone as “light snow.” And scurried around the building, hugging our arms as we followed the outdoor signs marked with arrows for “Breakfast.”

Maybe we’ve seen so much worse, but this breakfast was looking to be one of the best. Mostly cause it was stocked , and had two waffle makers. My mom said that the room was so crummy she didn’t want to stay another night, but after seeing breakfast, staying would be at least bearable.

Either way, we didn’t stay. I think we were ready to go home.

We scraped the ice off our windshield, packed the van, and I checked the hotel room for stray possessions one last time.


Our hotel burned last night. . We were awakened by smoke and alarms. And quickly evacuated. I barely had time to grab my laptop and cell phone before fireman were yelling and banging down doors for us to get out.

We assembled outside along with other PJ-clad residents, and watched, without words, as our hotel began to flame forty feet away. .


Moriarty… Stay The Night

We went down to hotel breakfast this morning, and I noticed something I had somehow missed last time we stayed at the Quality Inn And Suites in Amarillo.

The waffle maker!


They’re TEXAS waffles. Get it? Texas. Waffles.

From Texas.

A Late Dinner… Very Late

Long driving day.

A lot of bridges and rivers/lakes.


And cattle.

Visiting Old Friends

Today was a fun day. Because I got to see my old friend Chris!!


Traveling And Bad Hotels

Big travel day today.

From Georgia to Alabama.


Gallery 63, The Auction Kings, And Love Advice

It was mostly a lazy day today.

We slept in. I got up a little earlier to head down to breakfast in my pajamas (I was that girl), because with my stomach out of whack, I figured skipping a meal wasn’t the best idea.

Then I watched Netflix. Played on my phone. Took a very long shower. Attempted to dry and style my hair. Actually did my makeup. Then messed around even longer until two thirty.

We were burning time until the auction at Gallery 63. If you don’t watch Auction Kings on Discovery channel, you have no idea what Gallery 63 is. So this means nothing to you. And then that saddens me.

Issues With Hotels

The video game my little brother bought yesterday ended up missing a key component. Some sort of starter code that was in the manual that of course was missing from the game. However, the man did say we could return it, which we had laughed off as a joke, but turns out, we did.

There are a few “McKay Used Books CDs Movies And More”s around, and since we were headed to Atlanta, Georgia, there was one on the way.

I was so happy because this time I wasn’t feeling like I was going to faint and meet Jesus. I was able to really browse! (Which means really make a dent in my money spendings. I’m unemployed. I need to remind myself to stop.)


I woke up and didn’t notice anything wrong with me, until we were just about done reloading the van. Then I remember pausing to hold my stomach and realizing: I wasn’t feeling so good.

But all I do is sit in a van all day, it isn’t exactly strenuous. I figured I would be fine.

And we were going to a used book store! This place was supposed to be huge.

Green And Sunshine In Tennesse

After hauling our bags back down the stairs this morning, we hit the road. We had slept in, so we missed hotel breakfast but had granola bars and fruit punch on the go.

Then it was just go, go, go.

And go.

Pretty scenery in though.