Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Doctor

Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Doctor by Rebekah Koontz

We learn how to lie from childhood. Soon after, as we rub our sore bottoms, we begin to learn how not to lie.

In adulthood, we master the art of withholding information. Not lying. Lying is bad. We merely withhold.

Why withhold? We’re adults! We don’t answer to anybody! Tell ’em like it is!

We think ourselves high and mighty and untouchable—until we walk into the doctor’s office.

My Special Skills

My Special Skills Rebekah Koontz

In life, it’s easy to think, “I’m not good at anything.

This may very well be true. Who am I to question you?

You are, however, unique in the things you do, and you do things in a special kind of way that makes you superior to others.

I’m talking about those useless skills you developed and proudly presented to your fourth grade friends. But you know what? They’re still cool, and it’s time we toot our own horn and stop being so hard on ourselves.

These are my special skills. Some I’m in the process of developing to this day. I’m so proud.

The Tired Epidemic

The Tired Epidemic

An epidemic spreads throughout our society today.

Both, the young and old show signs. We’re all at risk.

Watch for it in the people you love. Watch for it in yourself, in your cats and beta fish.

You may already have it.

It is the “I’m tired” epidemic. And it’s a serious issue.

Things I Like The Sound Of. . . But Don’t Actually Do

Things I like the SOUND of but don't actually do

There’s a ton of great ideas out there.

Ideas to better yourself as a human being, to make you healthier, more motivated, more creative, more beautiful.

All these ideas sound great, until it comes time to do them.

The Different Faces Of Makeup

The Different Faces Of Makeup Rebekah

A study showed that men find it attractive to watch women put on makeup. Makeup is one of those female things that makes us the magical, mysterious creatures we are to men.

But ladies, have you ever thought of how many expressions you make when putting on a fresh face?

I’m here to break it down.

Things I Lie About And Why

Things I lie about and why

I know it’s wrong to lie.

We all know it’s wrong to lie. Then they slip out, quickly and quietly, one after the other.

Here are the things I find myself lying about a little too frequently. And it’s not about age or weight.

Lord please forgive me.

My Body Rejects All Things Healthy

My Body Rejects All Things Healthy

My mom is on a health kick of late. Yes, I blame her. I do not possess the natural motivation to take care of my body and exercise. The motivation is weak, the peer pressure from my mother is strong.

I had a thought one day about my body rejecting all things healthy.

Today, I am here to prove it to you. This is real-life stuff, people.

Being Short

“I’m not short, I just like to push my driver’s seat forward all the way.”

“I’m not short. You’re just too tall.” (That’s my favorite.)

“I’m not short. I’m fun sized.”

I’m 5’1/5’2. This is sometimes considered short. I may have what’s called “short person syndrome,” which is when a short person thinks they’re bigger, cooler, tougher,  smarter, more attractive, than they really are in order to compensate for their lack of vertical movement.

Thus, I have a problem truly calling myself “short.”

Somehow I have surrounded myself with girls my height, some even shorter, which plumps my pride in this regard a little more.