How To Sleep


If you’re like the majority of students, teens, or normal people who have been on break for the past couple of weeks, your sleeping pattern is, in one word, wrecked.

You’ve been going to sleep at 3am and waking up at noon. You’ve basically spent the past fourteen to twenty-one days destroying yourself, but the inevitable has happened.

School has started again, so you’re lying in bed at nine at night, blinking at the ceiling because your body isn’t ready for sleep. You have done this to yourself, but here’s how to undo it. Read on, on how to sleep.

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How To: New Year Resolutions


It’s January 1rst, 2015, that perfect time to forget all the bad that may have happened in the past and look on to a future that is your open book, to be written in however way you decide to write.

It’s a great second chance.

Read on for your guide on how to make the best resolutions for this New Year.

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How (Not) To Diet [Christmas Edition]


Dieting is your body’s natural inclination to stay slender. We all try to fight it. The struggle is real.

But why diet? It’s not bikini weather. There are scarves and big coats and loose pants out there for a reason.

It’s time to follow Santa’s example. Stop dieting. Here’s how.

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DIY Pumpkin Decorations

2014-11-19 10.06.52

Pumpkins are awesome. Pumpkins remind me of pumpkin pie and pumpkin pie is delicious, so I have over-all good feelings toward the fat orange things.

And I like the color orange.

So here is a DIY of how to make your own cloth pumpkin decorations. The plus is these pumpkins never go bad! Besides, of course, the fact that pumpkins are awesome.

(And PS, #5 on my Fall Bucket List: done!)

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How To Survive Thanksgiving

images (3)

Thanksgiving is a time to remember how blessed you are, not to stress.

If you think you’re going crazy worrying, you can read this article of simple tips from hosting to attitude, on how to survive this Thanksgiving and actually enjoy yourself knowing everything is covered.

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How (Not) To Clean Your Room

Prepare yourself.


I’m going to write about something very close to my heart.

So dear, in fact, that I’ve already mentioned it in more than one post (5 Things I’m Really Bad At, Time, Spring Cleaning).

I have become world renown in this subject. A professional in every sense of the word. A high authority on the matter.

It has taken nineteen years for me to claim such attribution. Nineteen years of trial and error, hard work and practice. I am now prepared to share with you all my secrets on the matter.

You will never have to wonder “am I doing it right?” again.

Here’s how not to clean your room.

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How To Love Your Glasses

“Four-eyes” is a saying of the past. It’s time to embrace your glasses as the wonderful tools they are. Read on. At the end, you might just owe your glasses a formal apology for all the mean things you’ve said.
[WARNING: Even if you don’t wear glasses, you’ll be tempted to go out and by a fake pair after reading this article.]

Fall Fashion Lookbook

As you now know, fall is my favorite. I love the colors and tastes and smells. I’m a wimp to the cold, but I try not to think of that because I can eat a pumpkin pie all on my own, just give me a spoon and a can of whipped cream.

My closet is generally filled with fall colors, and it being the beginning of October, it is time for me to do a fall lookbook for you guys.

City Skyline Nails

My friends and I were having a sleep over, girls only. We did nails, ate ice cream and pizza, and candy, and cookies, and chips, and watched Aladdin at two in the morning. It was a good time. Julie came too and brought her own personal nail stash, which I was so fascinated in, she just let me borrow.And while we were on YouTube, looking up Nick Pitera, I saw on the side bar a video for city skyline nails. They looked so cool and realistic. I needed to try them out.