“Pink Is HOT” (Or. How To Stop Blushing)

Pink is hot

Having a naturally red face, I understand the struggle of blushing. Running up stairs, coughing, or even standing too quickly can result in a red face.

And there’s always that one annoying “friend” you secretly want to shoot who points at you and gushes, “aww, look. She’s BLUSHING!”

Then everyone and their mother has to turn and stare at you.

Here’s what you can do in those situations, besides whacking the loud-mouth ex-friend beside you, as tempting as that may seem.

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How Not To Be Awkward


This topic was requested from an Omghow girl, and I absolutely love it. If any string of words can make me smile, I’m on board.

How not to be awkward. Oh my dear, dear friend. You are close to my heart.

I will share my wisdom.

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How To Be Nice Over The Internet

We all know by now: there are mean girls out there.

Internet allows mean girls to be meaner. They’re faceless and untouchable. They can say anything they want.

I had a girl comment on my Instagram that I dress like a nun’s daughter. I tried to laugh it off like it was a compliment, and she replied, “no dude, you just dress ugly.”

It’s time to combat this meanness with some general smiles and love. (Nothing ticks off a mean girl like someone who’s nice back.)

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How To: Read More

Book and Coffee
I’m a big bookworm. I have books stacked along my walls, yet I don’t put as much love into reading as I’d like.

It’s time to change that.

[PS. I also mention a blog Book Club. Read to the end to find out what book I’ve got my nose in and contact me if you’re interested in participating!]

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3 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats

3 last-minute valentine's Day treats

I have the biggest sweet tooth, so any excuse to indulge in my sweet tooth is welcome.

Valentine’s Day sang to me in glorious tones, sprinkles, pink frosting, chocolateee, Rebekahhh, come neaarr.

Here are three last minute Valentine’s Day treats you can crank out if you’re going to a party, making dessert, or want to give someone a sweet gift.

DIY Valentine’s Décor (Mason Jar Vase)

Valentines Mason Jar

The week approaching any national holiday is when I suddenly get the urge to decorate. I knew a lady once who decorated for every holiday, event, and season, and I fear it made a big impression on me.

I see a lot of cluttered up boxes marked “FALL STUFF (I think. .)” in my near future.

And I really just had the urge to paint something. This DIY was so much fun.

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How To: Valentine’s Date Ideas (under $20)

Valentines Day Date Ideas

With Valentines being two weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about that perfect V-day, what you’re going to wear, what gifts to buy, etc.

But first, let’s start with the date. All of these are under $20 and are a perfect good time.

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How To Take Care Of Your Cold

How To Take Care Of Your Cold

It might be that time of year, or I just live in an epidemic, but it seems that everyone is sick.

I think we’d all like someone to take care of us. Then all we’d do is lie in bed, watching Cinderella while someone waits on us hand and foot.

Oh, that sounds like heaven.

Sadly, the reality of it is that Moms and Dads work, Boyfriends are away at college, and your best friend has lovingly told you that she cares deeply, but doesn’t want to catch what you have, so you’re on your own.

Here are simple ways to take care of yourself.

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How To Deal: With Your Foot Falling Asleep

Pintrest 3

It’s happened. That moment when it’s time to get up from the couch/bed/chair, and you feel something.

Your left leg is heavier than usual. You’re not sitting on it anymore, so it should be feeling lighter, not heavier. You realize it’s numb. The tiniest wiggle of your pinky toe sends a lightning bolt splintering through your nerves all the way up to your teeth.

Your foot fell asleep. What are your options now?

I’m glad you asked.

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How (Not) To Sleep

we heart it[Source]

Recently, I wrote an article titled “How To Sleep,” this article you are reading will be it’s brother.

Some people need a little reverse psychology in their life. I am here to not give it to them. (That last joke may have gone over a few heads.)

If my last article wasn’t doing anything for you, read on. You may find in this article you are doing everything just right.

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