Marshmallow Puffs

Little Sister, Displaying The Glorious Drizzle

         My little sister wanted to make a dessert with me, so we bust out the cookbook. I love this cookbook, it’s called “6 ingredients or less“. It uses the most normal ingredients, and the recipes are easy to make. At least, I don’t think I’ve messed one up yet. The way to make the marshmallow puffs is by using a can of Pillsbury Croissants (pronounced “cross-unts” not “cressant”), eight marshmallows, melted butter, and cinnamon-sugar. You dip the marshmallow in butter, roll it in cinnamon-sugar, and wrap it inside the croissant, then, place it in a muffin pan and pop it in the oven. Told you it was easy. My only problem was
  that I don’t have a muffin pan. So I had to use a cupcake one. Since cupcakes are smaller than muffins, my pan didn’t hold the marshmallows in. It was strange looking, actually, as if the marshmallows jumped out of
Another Shot To Ensure Your Mouth Waters

the croissants, leaving a hole in them and some gooey-sweet remains, but no marshmallows. I also had to clean the oven after, which wasn’t exactly fun. But the puffs were good! Flakey, sweet, cinnamony, gooey, yuminess.


Me And The Little Bro In The Kitchen

Little Brother Flattening
        I wake up Saturday morning and am automatically in a “I gotta cook something” mood. So it’s time for breakfast! As I’m taking out the refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, I happen to notice my little brother walking aimlessly about the house with a lost and confused look on his face. This generally means he’s finally pried his hands from a WII remote long enough to wonder
  what else there is in the world for him. That’s how I got a volunteer to help me with breakfast. . . or I might have bribed him with cookies or something. Anyway, I got a helper, and we set to work on the cinnamon twists. The way to make them is by flattening buttermilk biscuits, spreading butter and sprinkling cinnamon sugar on one side, cutting the flat circles in half, folding butter-sugar sides together, and twisting. Preparation took a while (I mean, goodness, it took me a while just to write it), but we finally got the twists in the oven. . . Nine minutes until they’re done. So we’ve got siblings, a camera, and nine minutes. What now? A movie of course! (Hopefully, you guys can see this wonderful “half time” type video below.)
//   Once we got the twists out of the oven, all we had to do was glaze the little beauties, and it was time to eat! Yummmmeee. (Recipe from 6 ingredients or less)
The Final Result!