Crushing On My Froyo

Crushing on my froyo a humor post Rebekah Koontz

Crushes. There are crushes that satisfy—dreamy glances that eventually turn into the sweet and cherished “do you like me back?” conversation. And then they tell you that they’ve loved you all along.

Dawwh. My sentimental heart, be still!

There are crushes that are forbidden—dark and dangerous, stupid, or crazy. Crushes that force you to exercise every unit of self control to keep you on the straight and narrow.

And then, there are those crushes that can never love you back.

Pumpkin Peekaboo Cake — Problems & Solutions

Pumpkin peekaboo cake

I think we can safely say (from the fact that the picture of the above cake is not my cake) that I came across a few difficulties when baking the other day.

Or that I was too lazy to snap a decent picture.

Or both!

(Isn’t this exciting? It is now a mystery!)

Baking My Christmas Mason Jar Cookies

Christmas Mason Jar Cookies

My oven has been greatly neglected these past couple months. I haven’t baked. I haven’t delighted in the smell of vanilla, sugar, and melted butter. I haven’t had sticky egg and flour and sugar granules stuck between my fingers.

So, on today, day three or four of our AC being broken—with a temperature of ninety degrees outside—I decided, what better day to bake than today!