At Church With Only A Skirt On

Church skirt #OOTD

I basically showed up at church, wearing nothing but my grandma’s old skirt.

And I got nothing but compliments.

When I wear this outfit, ladies ask me questions. It begins with an over-all praise, then their expression focuses. They step back, stare at my knees, and say, “wait. Is it a skirt or a dress?”


Koontz Family Sings!

Koontz Family Sings!

You all caught a glimpse of our singing in my A Sunday In My Life post.

However, that is a mixed ensemble me and my parents are in. What you didn’t know was that there’s another member in our family–besides my older brother who is off to sea– who had yet to make his debut on the stage.

Before I get into that, a little history lesson.

A Sunday In My Life

A Sunday In my Life

I’m a church girl, as you guys know, but a lot of people don’t live the way I live or believe what I believe. So I thought I’d give you a peek into a Sunday of my life.

BLOGMAS Day #21 — The Candlelight Service


Today was the candlelight service at church.

It started as a good afternoon, hanging with Chris and getting Mexican food, and being – of course – obnoxious with my new camera.

BLOGMAS Day #20 — Caroling & Nighttime Pictures

My day started at five forty this morning. My stomach cringes at the thought.

Opening the shop went well, though. Everyone was very nice to me, and the time didn’t drag on.

A seventy year old man also asked me if I was married and if I had an older sister. I don’t know how those two questions correspond with each other, but I answered no to both.

I then drank a lot of coffee and came home and took a nap, because I knew tonight was going to be a long one.


Because we went caroling! (Doesn’t above look like a rock star pic?)

BLOGMAS Day #17 — Kindergarten Teacher’s How Not To. .

Tonight was the last night of the year for my Wednesday kindergarten class.

And we had a party.

2014-12-17 20.26.52

BLOGMAS Day #14 — Broken Forks & Candlelight

One week and four days until Christmas!! DSC00453

But who’s counting. .

This morning, I had Sunday School, choir, and church service. Then we hurried home to another crock pot lunch. (You would think Crock Pot was sponsoring me.)

BLOGMAS Day #13 — I Play The Keys & Have A Nice Chat

Today was everything Christmas. A true Blogmas post!

Oh yes. I pat myself on the back.

2014-12-13 15.28.04

By the way, we almost got yelled at for trying on these hats at Walmart. I was in the middle of a “The picture is forever, people staring is but a moment” speech, when an employee came by to tell us something. My mom quickly piped up, saying that we couldn’t find any hats in size large and could he help us?

She’s very smooth.

BLOGMAS Day #10 — Camera Threats & Kindergartners

No camera yet.

This has been the thought engulfing my mind today.

No camera, no camera, no camera. Maybe I can show up accidentally at Best Buy and ask them if they could just check to see if it came in?

I can see the box with my name on it. “Sony a5000,” written beautifully at the top. This gorgeous, glowing gold with an angel chorus singing behind it, box is being passed by zombified blue shirted employee after another. Do they not see? Do they not hear?

I wish there was a way I could mentally nag them to stinkin’ scan the box already.

LE TOTE Unboxing #3 and Special Black Friday Offer

Hello, hello, ladies.

I realize I never begin my posts as if I’m writing a letter. So today is a new day!

I thought today would be my last LE TOTE ever, until a special Black Friday Offer presented itself. But I’m going to be annoying and leave you hanging for a bit (or you could click on “Black Friday Offer”).