Merry Christmas everyone!

Today, we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at home. We had quite a few people over. I had made a pumpkin pie. It was fun.

Then, as has become tradition simply from my family’s over-all lack of patience, we opened gifts at midnight.

Here are pictures from my Christmas. I hope you enjoy them!

BLOGMAS Day #23 — Chris’ Movication


I love movies. Spend fifteen minutes with me, and I’ll give you either an exact quote or ask you three different times, regarding three different movies, “have you seen —??”

Constantly, Chris and I have been saying we need a movie day. He doesn’t understand half of my movie references, though he can appreciate my actor impersonations.

Well, we’ve officially started his movi-cation.

BLOGMAS Day #22 — The Sweater Weather Tag


It’s going down. I’m doing the sweater weather tag. . In December.

But people wear sweaters in December (as well as Autumn), so I just made the questions more winter-y.

Call me miracle worker.