Second Hand. . Makeup? — Don’t Freak.

I can only imagine the turmoil in the streets the second I even hint of second hand makeup.I’m not hinting. So calm down. Don’t freak.

Even though this blog does have “Second Hand” in the title, I do also mean it as “a cheaper version than what everyone else is paying.” Meaning, knock offs, clearance racks, etc.

So no, I am not saying you should get second hand makeup. I do draw the thrift store line somewhere. I don’t get underwear or brushes or shoes. So anyway. Now that I’ve made that clear. I’ll move on.

I’m eighteen now. Shocker to me too, I look pretty young. And starting to experiment with make-up (which will probably come out as the bigger shock). Yup, eighteen years old, and I just learned what a highlighter is, as opposed to¬†foundation. And that there are ways to make your nose look smaller and eyes look bigger, etc, etc.