How you’re SUPPOSED to do nails, supposedly. .

I just realized my instant upload hasn’t been on all this time and has about two months of pictures to upload. But hopefully they’ll be done by the time I finish with this post. Moving on.

As I have said in my last post: I can’t do nails. It’s pathetic. It’s clumpy. It’s true.

So I’ve watched nail art after nail art video on Youtube. Just for you. JUST for you, my dedicated, devoted reader. *sniff* Now let’s not get too emotional.

So here’s a post on how you’re supposed to do nails. And if it all works out, they’re supposed to be salon-looking, red carpet ready, and not chip off after three days. So let’s get to it!


Audrey Hepburn had it dowwn. Achieving her look.

What girl doesn’t want to be Audrey Hepburn? She was thin, sophisticated, had a great jawline and angel eyes.

For my senior event, I decided I was going to wear my little black dress. It has an Audrey Hepburn-y feel to it, just by it’s simplicity. She was known for wearing simple dresses with class, and usually black ones.

Make-up spoils! (That can be taken two ways, huh?)

In my last post, I gave a link on expensive make-up versus the cheaper version. Well now I’ve come back with my spoils. From the glorious. . . Walmart.
Okay. So there’s obviously a reason Walmart’s apparently on the bottom of the list. I had planned on going to a somewhat new Walmart that just opened in my area and has yet to be crummy, but fate would have it I’d end up finding “le source de crum”. (Felt like being french today, don’t hate.)
I tried my best to remember my own advice from “Second Hand . . Makeup? — Don’t Freak,” but kind of very much failed. I remembered Covergirl silk-something-or-other foundation and something that sounded like NYC but one letter was off. But I didn’t do so bad considering. .