Heart Tip Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentines Nails 420

Valentine’s Day strikes inspiration for the cutest nail art. Though, as much as I would love to hand write love you forever, to the moon and back, with all my heart, and then some. No really. Honest! on each of my individual nail beds, I can’t.

Instead, here’s a nail art tutorial that doesn’t require any special tools but the nail polish in your drawer.

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How To: Christmas Light Nails


I personally have a love-hate relationship with nail art.

I want the cutest designs, but I don’t want to lose hours of my life over something that will chip away with the dish soap.

Here’s an easy nail art tutorial that you’ll be finished with before Buddy screams “SANTAAAAA!!!!”

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The Military Ball 2013: Get Ready With Me

So my brother finally sent me the rest of the pictures of the military ball. I’ve been having a lot of problems with my phone constantly dying on me, which is what happened AT the event, so I “borrowed” his while he was in the bathroom and took pictures with that all night.But then, he and his phone went back to school in New York and didn’t send me the pictures until now.

Technology (and brothers): Are they on our side?

This post was meant to be a “Get Ready With Me” post, so who cares it’s really late? Let’s get into it!

I started by washing and blow drying my hair with mousse, the main goal being volume.

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Helpful tip!

If you wake up in the morning to find that your sheets have smudged your nail polish, add a coat or two of clear polish to smooth it out and make them shiny again. Learned this one the hard way. X-)

(Before clear polish this afternoon) http://instagram.com/p/gRQrJ5vx38/

I swiped some clear and it worked!

Sharpie Nails

 I didn’t realize how versatile Sharpies really were. I mean, in middle school, my friends and I would Sharpie our toe nails to be rebellious, since our mothers wouldn’t let us wear black. Remember when Sharpies were ONLY black? Things were tough in our day.
Anyway, here’s the cheater version on how to do cool nail art! It’s a great way to work out your left hand, too. I actually did these on myself this time.

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Braided Nail Tutorial

On my Instagram, I posted a picture of this fun and easy braided nail design for you to look forward to (at least. I hope you’ve been looking forward to it), well wait no more! PS, this design doesn’t require any special tools or skill.

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How To Make Nail Art Tools At Home Video

Hey all! Sorry I’m up on this nail art fad. Hopefully I’m not annoying anyone from it. But I just watched this video on how to use regular objects at home as nail art tools. (Or you can go to the thrift store – keeping with our theme – if you don’t happen to have. . . a sewing pin?) Anyway I think it’s genius, so I have to share.

Hope you like it too!

Dr. Who Galaxy Nails

Julie – the oh so famous one, so you should know who I’m talking about by now – and I have made a deal.

The deal is – well, it’s more like a trade: Nails for fame.


I felt like putting it in CAPs. . .

Julie’s nails grow so fast, and she doesn’t mind having them painted (while with my instruments, I can’t have long nails, and I might end up in the food service industry, where I can’t paint mine), that it seemed the perfect idea to use hers. She’s a sport, so she agreed.

And I was willing to offer her fame. Who can turn that down?
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City Skyline Nails

My friends and I were having a sleep over, girls only. We did nails, ate ice cream and pizza, and candy, and cookies, and chips, and watched Aladdin at two in the morning. It was a good time. Julie came too and brought her own personal nail stash, which I was so fascinated in, she just let me borrow.And while we were on YouTube, looking up Nick Pitera, I saw on the side bar a video for city skyline nails. They looked so cool and realistic. I needed to try them out.

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