8 Things You May Not Know About Me — (Birthmarks, Crushes, and Hidden Talents!)

I haven’t done a post like this in the past because I didn’t think anyone would care to read it. Also, it’s weird to say, “welcome to a post where I talk all about. . .


Then I thought: but it’s fun to read people’s quirks.

THEN I thought: I’ve been blogging for seven years, it could be a fun challenge to think of ten new things.

Challenge accepted.

My Birthmark

I have a birthmark. A big one. It coats the inside of my left arm and stretches around to cover half my back. Looks a lot like a continent, and yes I love it.

A lot of comments I received growing up were “oh that’s a birthmark? I thought you were just dirty.” Which, to a child with low self esteem, may have crushed them. However for me, a child with an abundant amount of self esteem, it only further concluded that kids my age were so unoriginal, it was boring. Oh yes. I was that kid.

My First Pet

My first pet was a yorkie-poo named Kitty. My allergies prevented me from having a cat, so my parents got me a dog. We were inseparable.

Whenever I was mad at my little brother, I would swiftly kick him out of our “club” with a huffy and seething, “that’s it! It’s only me and Kitty from now on and we’re going to have a snack without you.” This was the worst punishment I could bestow as a nine year old, and I’m pretty sure Ezekiel is still scarred.

My Special Talent

I can quote The Emperor’s New Groove word-for-word.

Just picking a gif makes me smile!

It’s a great movie. If I could, I’d invite you all over for popcorn, candy, and an Emperor’s New Groove movie night. Leave a comment. Who’s in?

Problem is, I’d talk through the movie until every single one of you either shushes me in irritation or promptly leaves. And then I’d be sad.

I Had My Pilot’s Permit, Once Upon A Time

I lived on the USS Midway for two weeks. Attended ground school training. Took and passed the test.

And never flew a plane, ever.

It’s a sad story, really.

I’m Mean Sometimes

I am often misconstrued as mean or harsh because I am an introvert. Me–the glorious creature sitting on the other side of the computer screen–MEAN?

I’m not mean. It’s just that if I’m tired, stressed, hungry, thirsty, confused, breathing sometimes, people annoy me and I rather they left me alone. Sure, I may verbalize it to them. . . but I still don’t see how that makes me mean.

Sheesh. Introverts have feelings, too.

My Biggest Fear

My greatest fear is of heights. I can barely climb on a roof without someone there to talk me down. Otherwise, I WILL live on that roof. Forever.

Spiders are a close second on my Fear List. But I’m a girl, so you knew that already.

Longest Crush

Oh yeah. Time to get to the juicy stuff.

My longest crush spanned the length of seven years. I met him when I was thirteen and never saw him again. He stayed single for the length of those years, naturally leading me to believe that I was The One. When he got a girlfriend (who wasn’t me), I had a Scarlet O’Hara sized dramatic falling apart.

You never loved me, did you Ashley? But you made me believe!

Shortest Crush

Shortest crush, coincidentally, was at ground school training. We were lined up for the physical fitness test when in walked a tall, handsome specimen, and every female gaze zeroed in on him. He wore aviators and was cool enough to have his sea bag slung over one shoulder as he strutted toward us in slow motion. I had to make a move.

If you’re wondering, my flirting technique is to hover in the guy’s general area, waiting to be noticed. (A classic. Some call it The Biden.)

So, I hovered. I wanted him to be my partner for the physical fitness test. He dropped his luggage and suddenly coughed a little yellow speck into his hand. Then, he drew it closely to his face, examined it, exclaimed, “ew!” and flicked it away.

This guy might as well have been a magician because he made my attraction disappear.

So that’s eight. Eight things you didn’t know about me. What are some things people don’t know about you? I’d love to hear them.

Do you have any special skills, hidden talents, secret hates? Let me know in the comments below!

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