Beating The Boredom Of Quarantine

I am blessed to be a part of the “essentials,” the group who has been able to keep their eight hour job during this age where the COVID-19 reigns.

It’s strange.

Besides wearing a mask and half a face of makeup on my eyes and forehead (top-half), not much has changed for me.

It’s surreal to live out my regular, pre-COVID life in a world with fewer cars on the road, strangers wearing dust masks (who don’t look scary and murderous), and a constant disinfecting of my hands.

Of course, all my extracurriculars have been cancelled––a blessing in disguise for a girl who has piled her plate so high with responsibilities that her blog activity (and cleanliness of her apartment) has suffered miserably under the weight.

The world is crying out in boredom over this “new normal.” They’re mourning the days when they could run to the nearest Johnny Carino’s for some cheap wings and a good time. (Or is that just me?)

Thing is, this is a blessing in disguise, people! Now is the time to catch up. To finish those tasks that have been in the back of your mind for that unspecific moment you may have naively referred to as “spring cleaning.”

Why is everyone bored?

I’m convinced that it is because you’ve lost your vision. You’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole of Netflix, and jammies, and staying in bed until 11am. NO. You must BREAK THE CYCLE. Let go of the ring, Frodo. It is not your precious. It is your doom.

Not to worry, I your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, your hero, am here to save you from yourself (while satisfying your nosey side) and at the same time relating to you on a one-on-one, personal level.

That’s right. I’m going to share my personal to-do list with you, so that you may be inspired. Some of these have been completed and some have yet to be done.

(Also, there’s a comment section if you want to share your personal to-do list with me. )

Rebekah’s To-Do List 2020

Broken into subcategories. Arranged by length of time estimated to complete the task.


  • Wardrobe – Heartlessly purge.
  • Top shelf in closet – Those boxes of “craft supplies” and pile of handbags that have collected dust for two years. It’s time to play keep-or-toss.
  • Under the bed – The white whale.
  • The linen closet – Randomly, this is the place where I found the missing glue-gun I’ve been searching for for months.
  • The bookshelf – Personally, I organize by color first, and then size.
  • Junk drawer – It’s time.
  • Under your kitchen and bathroom sink – You might find gold (i.e. a carton of Clorox wipes or a stray roll of toilet paper you didn’t know you had).
  • Clean fridge and freezer – Dreading this one.


  • Cables – Untangle and arrange them nice and neat.
  • Desktop files – Delete any unnecessary pics, docs, and movies to clear up space.
  • Phone apps – Organize the main screen and get rid of apps or subscription services you don’t use.
  • Disinfect – Cell phone, mouse, keyboards, desk.


  • Cut tags off my underwear – Also, find out who launched the long-tags-on-the-underwear campaign and send a strongly worded email.
  • Weed out mismatched socks – I heard a joke once about those being a substitution for toilet paper when you run out. At least, I think it was a joke.
  • Actually finish a knitting project – Eh, who am I kidding.
  • Bake banana bread – This may be the first one I accomplish.
  • Start a workout routine of some sort
    • Create a reward system for my “workout routine of some sort”
  • Piano – Dust, gloss, and touch up any scratches.


  • Glue-gun the rope back on her scratcher – When she’s not looking.
  • Teach her to high-five – Not that hard, actually!
  • Teach her to walk on a leash – How cute would that be?
  • Remove Stickie-Paws double-sided stickie tape from kitchen counter with goo-gone. – It was a nightmare.


  • Oven – Preferably after making a pile of bacon.
  • Kitchen counter – Behind and under appliances.
  • Keurig – Flush with vinegar mixture.
  • Convectional oven – Dreading.

So there you have it, folks. The list grows on the daily, and it is a true testament to the fact that I can’t seem to function without drowning under a list of things to do (and procrastinate doing). Ah, the joys of being me.

I hope to have inspired you, even a little, to stop being bored and possibly enjoy accomplishing a task that you would’ve never gotten the chance to do otherwise.

6 thoughts on “Beating The Boredom Of Quarantine

  1. “I’m convinced that it is because you’ve lost your vision. You’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole of Netflix, and jammies, and staying in bed until 11am. NO. You must BREAK THE CYCLE. Let go of the ring, Frodo. It is not your precious. It is your doom.”

    Can you stop spying on me and just let me LIVE. Haha seriously though, you nailed it with that paragraph.

    Liked by 1 person

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