Nesting — Organization, Finding Happiness In Less

I am in the process of nesting.

I read The Year Of Less** and a fire has ignited in the deep hollows of my gut. My gut hollows, if you will.

** Quick book review: great premise, though I didn’t care too much about her incredibly in-depth personal journey. **

However, I shut the book with one thing in mind: I must purge, organize, and clean.



This means being heartless. Being cold. Take your belongings and survey them with a critical eye.

Do I wear this? Do I enjoy wearing this? Do I use it or is it just there? Is it practical?

Take a trash bag and be quick about it. I once made the mistake of trying on every article of clothing before putting it in the bag.

I am a master outfit putter-together-er. Of course I’m going to make it work.

But it’s not about making it work. It’s about making it go.


For those things I absolutely cannot part with, my rule is: it has to have a home.

A pile of stuff crammed in a drawer is not a proper home. It’s storage. Very bad storage.

If you insist on keeping those twenty blankets, you have to clear out a space in order to properly, effectively, and neatly store those twenty blankets.

This is where the true compromise begins. Your closet won’t expand just because you love something. Your drawers won’t accept your excuses, take them into consideration, and allow you enough space to keep the mugs and mismatched bowls you find so quirky and adorable. There is a limit. And that limit is reality. So the true choices, The Schindler’s List of inanimate objects, must be written.


The best part is that as soon as this is complete, cleaning your house will be a no-brainer. If something is out of place, you’ll know exactly where to put it. If you need to locate a belonging, you’ll know exactly where it is.

Through this heart wrenching, tedious project, you will have freed up time that would’ve otherwise been spent searching for your headphones, cramming blankets in drawers, and re-adjusting the mug cabinet in a Tetris-puzzle attempt to fit all of your porcelain babies on the same shelf.

Your shoulders will feel lighter. Your mind, clear of fog, no longer burdened by the stress of a cluttered household.

So let’s do this. You and me. Together.

Here’s a trashbag. We’re hitting the donation center in the morning.

Let’s begin our year of less.

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