PHOTOWALL — What Your Walls Didn’t Know They Were Missing

I had the pleasure of being contacted by the lovely team at Photowall who wanted to gift me, my cat, and my apartment with something beautiful to hang on our vanilla-colored walls.

One glance at their website and I said yes.

As many of you know, I live alone which gives me ULTIMATE POWER over decorating, shower curtain design, candle scents–—even cleanliness. . .

It goes to my head sometimes.

Furthermore, decision-making isn’t one of my strong suits. So, after days of torturous deliberation, scrolling through Photowall’s Entire. Selection. Of canvases.

(Oh yes. I really did.)

I made my decision.

Dimensions are key, my friends. Which is something I quickly learned I didn’t take into account the moment I skipped up to my front door to find a long cardboard box almost as tall as my 5’2 frame.

Choosing my canvas was the first dilemma. However, assembling the canvas? That would be the real challenge and true test of Photowall’s ability to create something that is not only beautiful, but fool-proof, (*ahem* Rebekah-proof), and user-friendly.

It’s contents:

My confidence: 90% sure I won’t screw it up.

I followed the instructions, which stated I would be placing the canvas face-down and to make sure my working area was clean.

Upon unrolling the canvas and being met with giant, Audrey Hepburn doe-eyes, I quickly realized my workspace needed to be moved to a larger location. So, glamorously, I ended up on my hands and knees with a bedsheet strewn across the kitchen floor.

Instructions were fairly clear: remove the tape from the wooden panel and place the panel along the border of the canvas, centering it on each side. There is a ridge on one side of the panel and that ridge is to face the center.

I quickly realized that my centering was very off. Teeth clenched, I peeled and restuck, peeled and restuck, until the the panel fit along with the other pieces. It was in God’s hands at this point if it would stay together.

I thought it would lift from the frame when I folded the sides in and screwed it. But she’s holding strong!

All that was left was finding the perfect place to put her.

This painting fits flawlessly with the color palette of my apartment and can be moved from room to room to create an amazing statement piece, especially due to its size. I didn’t mean for it to be so big, but I’m glad it is. Absolutely no regrets on my part, and I can’t wait to have guests over so they can take it in in all its glory.

If you’re interested, Photowall is offering you guys a discount code!

CODE: rebekahkoontzsite2020

This code will give you a 25% discount on any product in their website and is good for a month. Photowall also does amazing wallpapers that, personally, I am dying to try. Highly recommend.

Check them out!

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