Vlogmas 2018 Announcement

Hello internet family!

Quick post for you guys. Actually, I’m writing this on my phone (it’s kinda fun, like texting a friend).

This isn’t how I would want to do Vlogmas (the daily sharing and conversation with my readers is so much fun). However, realistically, I don’t have time to edit and upload videos every single day.

That being said, I am still daily VLOGGING! It is just the upload that will have to happen on the weekends.

Bare with me.

Please don’t light the torches.

I love Vlogmas and the internet family that comes together to watch year-after-year. *pupils dilate cutely as she fills with warm fuzzies*

Please subscribe for notifications (both here and on Youtube) so you don’t miss out, and always comment! (Because I miss everyone.)

Thanks ever so much!!

Happy Vlogmas #4!

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