Daisy Must Die — “The Great Gatsby” Movie Review


I am incensed, enraged. I am what the kids would call shook.


I am more than incensed. I am murderous, toward a fictional character.

I just watched—for the first time—the movie The Great Gatsby.

*deep breathing*

*cracks neck slowly, in a wide calculated circle, an attempt at remaining calm*

For those who haven’t seen the movie, I will give you the Rebekah Koontz Cliff Notes.


Gatsby is in love with Daisy. He loses touch with her so he throws these lavish, grand parties at his mansion in hopes that one day she will attend and they will be reunited.

Daisy is miserably married to an unfaithful husband.

On one tragic night, Daisy strikes a woman with Gatsby’s car, killing her instantly. The woman was her husband’s mistress. Gatsby covers it up. He lets everyone believe he was driving, not Daisy.

The mistresses’ husband marches out with a pistol to seek revenge.

On the final scene, Gatsby is waiting, hopeful. Daisy is supposed to leave the dirtbag and call Gatsby, professing her undying love. Instead, Gatsby is shot in the heart from behind for a murder he didn’t commit and an affair with a woman he never had.

And Daisy never picks up the phone to call.


Unsurprisingly, this movie filled me with such a level of rage, I marched straight to the laptop and used the power of pen.

What did I just watch? How is this movie so popular? Did I miss something somewhere?

I am convinced viewers experience some form of PTSD after seeing this movie. I ask “why do you like it?” and they mention the music, the parties, and the wardrobe.

I follow up with “do you remember how it ends?” and they don’t. They have somehow blocked it from memory—a coping mechanism. Thus my shrill, “HE DIES AT THE END!” can be heard for miles.

In my opinion, Daisy should’ve died. I have my reasons. Mostly, she bugs me. She is such a flat, object of a character I’m convinced none of us would miss her much anyways.

I applaud Fitzgerald for destroying my emotions in a way that I, as a writer, can appreciate.

However, after seeing trailers of grand parties with fireworks and feather boas, I was expecting a movie that went along the same trails as The Greatest Showman, so I was painfully disappointed.


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6 thoughts on “Daisy Must Die — “The Great Gatsby” Movie Review

  1. “In my opinion, Daisy should’ve died. I have my reasons. Mostly, she bugs me.” This probably wasn’t intended to be the funniest part of this post, but I laughed at it lol

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  2. I love the story because of the book, not the movie. Jordan is my favorite character and I remember one girl I met talked about how much she hated Jordan because she teased Nick both sexually and romantically haha I was like “Are you insane? Jordan really liked Nick and tried to get his attention numerous times but Nick was too caught up in the Gatsby and Daisy drama to notice.”
    But I agree, a lot of people love Daisy simply because she’s pretty and the love interest of Gatsby but in reality, she’s a horrible person.

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