What It’s Like Living Alone As A 23 Year-Old

Rebekah Koontz what it's like living aone

As you undoubtedly already know because my YouTube videos are vastly popular, I’ve moved out of my parents house. We went from a family of six to five, to four, to three, until I finally flew the coup.

And now I’m all alone.

A lone wolf. A loner. A wanderer without strings, going wherever the wind takes me, responsible for no one and nothing. Also, very long-winded in her sentences.

Living alone is very different to living with family. Family members are loud and call dibs on the TV even though you called dibs first, and steal your spot on the couch, and eat the last of your favorite cereal.

Here’s what it’s like to live alone.

1. Sole possession of the remote.

If you don’t consider this supremely important, I have to ask if your priorities are in the right order.

2. It is MY duty to eat all the food.

It’s a challenge, yes. But one I am willing to accept head-on.

3. No one to slow down my Wifi.

My Wifi password is a bajillion characters long, with symbols and numbers. I ain’t sharing that with nobody.

4. Kitchen utensils are mine?

Subconsciously, in my parents house, I had certain spoons and forks that I would use. They were my favorite. They were blessed and holy and set apart for my individual use (not really, but in my head they were, and I didn’t like using anything else). Now, all the utensils are mine.

This may be something I need to work out in my later years, using therapy.

5. There is a space for everything.

I was mind-blown the day I realized I could put all my coats in the coat closet. I was no longer sharing the coat closet with anyone else. I didn’t even need to put COATS in the coat closet. I could put whatever my heart desired! Like a massive package of toilet paper from Costco! OR AN INFLATABLE BOAT! The sky was my limit!

6. I can openly store my girly bathroom supplies on the counter of the bathroom.

If you know what I mean, ladies.

7. No one to judge your eating habits.

Sure Rebekah, you can have pizza three days in a row. And ice cream for dinner. Only you will know.

I may come out of this year lease weighing about a thousand pounds…

Some of you may ask if it’s lonely, and honestly, I haven’t gotten lonely. I’m with people forty hours out of the week at work. Then I have church and writer’s groups and bible studies, so I actually crave the alone time some days.

It’s been good.

Actually, if I could be alone a little more often and get some writing done, it’d be better for this blog. But there is always something to do and someone to do it with, and come on, without those life experiences, what would there be for me to write about?


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4 thoughts on “What It’s Like Living Alone As A 23 Year-Old

  1. I beg to differ on this…”Family members are loud and call dibs on the TV even though you called dibs first, and steal your spot on the couch, and eat the last of your favorite cereal” that was all you. You did that too us😂😂

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