Apartment #100 — I Moved Out!

Rebekah Koontz life lifestyle writer coming of age

Big news, people. BIG. NEWS.

No I’m not engaged.

And if you thought “pregnant,” wash your mouth out with soap. And rubbing alcohol. And then soap again…

I moved out of my parents’ house!

Last year, I began 2017 with two goals: A full-time job and the ability to live independently, pushing toward eventually being able to afford my own place.

In April of last year, God blessed me with an interview. Two hours later, God gave me a full-time job. Six months after that, I moved into a managerial position.

And in January of 2018, I moved into my first apartment.

Stressful. Exhausting. A packing nightmare. . . I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

Here is the story of my moving experience, in film.



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