Me And My Words

Me and my words Rebekah Koontz Rebecca Coonts blogger

There was this boy I knew once.

Well, knew was an understatement. For lack of better words, I may even say I had fallen for him.

On the morning of Halloween, he disclosed that he didn’t reciprocate my googoo-eyes. His reason being? That my being a writer was a turn-off.

Irony amuses me, which is why I chose to write about him now. *

But this post isn’t about crushes past. **


Readers, as I sit on my couch, laptop on knees, experiencing probably the first ever migraine in the History of Rebekah’s Life, I am overcome with one thought and one thought only.

I must write.

Not, I must write because of my deadline or I must write before my readers tar and feather me in the town square. {Sounds prickly} 

And not, I must write because my blog post is beautiful, hilarious, and will change the world.

But simply: I must write because I’m a girl with a laptop and words in my head that are aching to be put on a page.

I must write because, on a page is the only place I feel real and feel like myself. I feel free. And yes, sometimes I feel invincible and will rule you all.

With an iron fist. Bwa Ha.

Writing is a part of who I am. When that boy said it’s a turn-off, I was shocked. I’ll admit, a little hurt (because, come on, I’m adorable, for crying out loud). But I never questioned it. Giving it up has never been an option.

Unfortunately, I have let life get the better of me and take me in a whirl-wind of work-sleep-work-sleep, sometimes-eat, hardly-clean, forget-to-shower, work-and-sleep. It’s as if I gave it up by default and I miss it.

So here I am. Me and my words.

Did you miss me?

I did.


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* Rebekah’s a sweetheart, isn’t she?

** Oh yes. There are footnotes.

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